And breakfast just got even better!

I thought I would have eggs for breakfast today, and chose two of the larger eggs that have just been laid. And found, not one, but two double yolkers.. To have a hen that lays double yolkers is a prize indeed.

To answer Carie’s question about the colour of the eggs. And this is going to amuse non hen keepers. As a general guide the colour of your eggs is determined by the colour of the hens earlobes, seriously, they have really cute earlobes. So, you could have a white hen but if she has brown earlobes she will lay brown eggs. You could have a brown hen that has white earlobes so she lays white eggs. As it is our White Stars are pure white with the most delicate white earlobes which is why we are getting our pretty white eggs.

Here is a photograph of a cockerel. Can you see his earlobe to the right of his eye, that’s right the tufty patch that looks about the same size as his eye, that is his earlobe. And as you can see if he was a girl he would lay very nice brown eggs. There are exceptions to this rule but generally that is the way it works out.

3 thoughts on “And breakfast just got even better!

  1. amelia says:

    That is very interesting! I always thought it was the colour of the chicken but then what do I know!!I guess somewhere I knew they had ears but I'd never seen one till now!


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