Malvern Quilts.

On a very windy Sunday, far to windy to go to the plot, hubby and I set forth to go and visit the quilts at Malvern. We had a marvelous time, here are a few of our favourite quilts.

I like this because of its simplicity and the way that although there are many different fabrics used the centre of the squares and the corners of the squares are all the same which seems to bring the whole quilt together.

This amused us very much.

The little fishes

and little shrimps..

A scary lion ready to pounce as you walked around the corner.

The work on this was just flabbergasting.

A closeup, can you imagine just how much thread was used.

A very nice traditional quilt.

And one for a girl – and yes all the dolls came out of their beds to play with. (I was wearing white gloves so I gave one a little tug and was rewarded with a doll, whilst I let out a silly giggle)

Can you imagine having that for a quilt as a little girl…, it would be wonderful.. (this is a not so subtle hint that Carie should get her sewing machine out and make one immediately, if not sooner for Kitty, I’ll help if you want, but I think she would love one)

And one for a boy. Yeeeooowwww, (doing airplane impersonations)

It was fun.

7 thoughts on “Malvern Quilts.

  1. Zannah says:

    OMG!!!I'm incredibly flattered – because the one that you describe as 'nice traditional' is my quilt!!!It's the first one that I've ever finished (I think I was a bit ambitious in terms of size) and Malvern is the first quilt show that I've entered.Very glad that you liked it!Zannahx


  2. Jenny says:

    You picked out some great quilts. I am totally in awe of the creativity and imagination (and feeling very guilty that the patchwork I started 3 years ago has made little progress).


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