Quietly Impressed!

As we had been over to see an exhibition in a museum in Nuneaton, I realised that we were not very far from son no.2 “Shall we go and see him,” I said. Which it was agreed we should and we then decided to ring him to tell him we were half an hour off. He told me to go and look for a yarn shop to give him enough time to tidy up, to which I replied that I had just done that.

We arrived and found a freshly showered son with clean clothes on. Although his room was very lived in, I was extremely pleased to find his white board filled with mathematical equations. Although quite simple in nature it proves he is working for his exams and I for one am very pleased.

So we took him to nearest Toby for a cheap but nutritious meal of meat and veg, which he followed with a fruit crumble and custard. And then we took photos on hubby’s iphone. On seeing the next few photo’s one can only wonder as to how this boy got into University with parents such as this. Let us just hope his professors weren’t watching!

You may notice that Mandycharlie finds it a struggle to dress herself correctly. Fortunately I had only been like this for a few minutes before hubby noticed. (but to be honest that was more luck than judgement as he would never have noticed if he hadn’t been photographing us)

I look down, “oops”

And start to re button up.. I then, misaligne it again before getting it right, at which point…

Son no.2 starts making Coochy, Coochy, Coo noises as if talking to a small child, whilst making sarcastic comments about not being able to do my cardi up and whether I might need some help? I think my expression says it all.

Sorted, one more shot for the camera. Just a note to say my friends know I am quite a hefty gal, 5ft 10″ in her socks and built for comfort not speed. This boy makes me look small, I must have fed the boy well whilst he was growing. Mind you we have often thought it would be better to buy our own cow just because of the quantity of milk he can drink in a day.

Hubby pretending to be a used car salesperson.. Why are men so funny about showing emotion?

A nice manly hug, laughing at each other.

2 thoughts on “Quietly Impressed!

  1. amelia says:

    Lovely pictures and lovely people in them!! Your son is quite the young man, if those math figures are anything to go by he's doing a good job of studying too!!My son is 31 (I think) or 30 and has just started openly hugging me! I think they have to grow up first and yours has done it earlier than mine. He still won't hug his dad!!


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