Slim Snake.

Do you remember Snake who I made in the depths of winter and who has been doing a wonderful job keeping our hallway toasty warm. Well, a good friend of mine liked him so much she started to link my blog to others who were looking for a pattern to make a snake to keep their homes nice and warm. It was a terrible winter and everyone was looking for ways to keep the chill out.

And so it was that I thought that my good pal might actually like a snake of her own. She might not, but I got the feeling she was quite taken with my little project so I said to myself I would make her one just as soon as I had a spare moment. That moment came and I rummaged through my stash to find colours that I thought might suit her home and came up with these.

and cut them up into rectangles. I studied the rectangles and came up with this design which I thought was very snake like. It would mean it would be a slimmer snake though, but I think my snake was very wide, possibly a little too wide.. sssshhh, he might hear!

I was very pleased with the way the top came together,

and this is it with the head fabric attached.

I made the bottom of the snake with the bits that were left over and it came together very nicely too.

All trimmed and ready to sew up.

Sewn up ready to stuff. Which again I used the stuffing from pillows that were bought specially for the job.

And then I left him for weeks because I went on holiday and then side tracked myself, as a crafter it is easy to do! But the hiss from his bright red tongue got louder and louder and I just had to finish him off.

And here he is Slim Snake!

“What big blue eyes you have Slim Snake”

“All the better to see you with,” he hissed.

Big Snake came over to say hi and to pass on his considerable wisdom about the insulating abilities of a snake and what the two legs and four (especially pussy cats) like about warm rooms to live in. Slim Snake nodded sagely and said he would do his very best to keep those pesky draughts out and promised to send Big Snake a post card just as soon as he had settled in.

And without further ado Slim Snake rolled himself up in brown paper and went to live in his new home.

I have had a message to say that he has settled in very nicely and has a nice little spot just by the living room door.

2 thoughts on “Slim Snake.

  1. amelia says:

    He is just so cute!! When I lived in England we used to make snakes by filling old stockings with more old stockings or anything else we could find!! Not half as pretty or practical as yours.We also used to stuff our window cracks with old newspaper, I hope the windows are all draught free these days! It was a struggle to keep our homes warm then.


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