Saturday’s highlights.

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday that although a local agricultural show was on the call of a beautiful garden and cream teas proved too great.

And so it was we arrived at Packwood House and gently strolled around its beautiful grounds.

The garden is famous for its representation of the Sermon on the Mount. With a magnificent Yew known as the Master. Flanking it are a dozen yews said to represent the disciples and beneath them is the multitude, yews replacing an orchard in the 19th century.

We climbed the spiral mount to The Master and

viewed the gardens from this vantage point.

It gave me the shivers walking amongst such large and beautiful trees, they had such a presence about them, a very calm and large presence, so difficult to describe.

There was a little sock knitting underneath the canopy of the yews. These particular yews were castellated which we thought was great fun.

The same yews from a distance.

We saw geese and goslings munching grass.

And the same goslings having been led to the lake for a much needed drink.

We then saw inside Packwood House which was beautiful but very dark, so the photo’s are not stunning.

Although I do have to show you some brown delft tiles I spotted over a fireplace.
And then it was time for tea and as Packwood house has limited catering facilities, something to do with Graham Baron Ash’s wishes not to have restaurant/cafe in the house – too many sticky fingers! We headed over to Baddesley Clinton just in time for a cream tea which was delightful. Sadly we didn’t have time to explore but there is always another day.

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