Fabric Flowers

Having made the bunting for my Mothers garden party I was left with a few scraps of material, enough to play with! I bought this book Sew Fabulous Fabric: 20 Charming Ways to Sew Fabrics into Your Life by Alice Butcher and Ginny Farquhar. a few months ago thinking that I could make the fabric flowers for my Mum’s garden party and was really pleased to find I had enough scraps left to play with. I love the book, there are quite a few ideas in it that I am going to make, the peg bag for instance look fabulous.

I had intended on adding my own embellishment to the idea, but realised I wouldn’t have enough flowers for people to share. So that idea will stay in my things to make compartment of my brain.

I had great fun playing with this idea, choosing the fabrics, threads and buttons appeals to my inner child and the more I played with them the more fun I had.

I thought I would pinch one and sew it onto ribbon and tie it onto my handbag,

and encourage all of the ladies at the party to take one too. They could make broaches out of them or pin to an old well loved teddy bear or perhaps pop onto a hat or coat to go shopping in.

I think there are a myriad of ideas to be played with. And what are left Mum could sew to ribbon and festoon her conservatory.

I think they will look pretty like that, that’s if…. there are any left!

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