Fibre East.

I had a lovely afternoon at Fibre East yesterday, it is still on today (Sunday) if you fancy a trip out. It was comprised of lots of small independent traders who were having great fun showing off their wares.

With two marquee’s to explore and a hubby who was quite content to explore the refreshment tent we both had great fun.

I do hope this goes on to even bigger and better things, it was truly magical, so much so that I just forgot to take photographs as I was talking too much. (Hush, Mandy, No, how could that ever be?) But I did manage to get one shot.

And what did I buy?

Well actually I didn’t buy any yarn, although I was sorely tempted. What I did find is an interested way to use up my surplus sock yarn. You know the bit that is left after you have knitted a pair of socks and you put away wondering what you are going to do with it because it is far too pretty to throw away, but not quite enough to do anything more with.

Well I have a plan. I am going to make pretty blankets, with my bits and bobs of sock yarn, even if they are only dolly blankets for my Goddaughter to play with. And I am going to make them with this, Hazel Rose Looms .

In my defence of my new hobby, at least I didn’t bring back the full blanket sized loom that was being sold at the bargain price of £250.00 ONO. I nearly fainted, now if I just had the room and a few more days in the week, I could have happily bought that home.

2 thoughts on “Fibre East.

  1. amelia says:

    Wow! That's a lot of money but I have no clue how much they are anyway!! It's not something I'm interested in but I'll bet you'll have one before too long!


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