The Heir and the Squire.

It was son no.1’s 22nd birthday a few days ago and what I haven’t told you is that son no.2 has finally found a summer job as a Squire at Warwick Castle. Not only is he a Squire, he is the King’s Squire, no looking after the Barbarians and their horses for him. We are very pleased for him and just a little bit giddy so it was decided we should go to see him for son no.1’s birthday treat.

I will start this post with a video hubby managed to catch on his iphone of the Trebuchet in action. “22 Tons of whirling death ladies and gentlemen, 22 Tons!”

This post is mostly about my sons and not a documentary about Warwick Castle, it was a fun day out though.

King Henry on Aaron his loyal and faithful black stallion, who is also very cheeky and is the only stallion in the group. Son no.2, on asking what was the best way to handle Aran and if there was anything he should and shouldn’t do (Son no.2 did not have a pony as a child) was told to make sure he didn’t walk Aaron behind a mare. It made us giggle.

The Barbarians arrive on their tub, (although I don’t think any of the children noticed that their horses had arrived before them!)

Son no.2 walks Aaron off the stage whilst fistycuff’s and swordfighting are going on all around him.

Remember the horse is cheeky and is quite a big, solid horse, well…

He is very naughty calling to the mares, you can almost see son no.2 is slightly shaken, but he holds firm.

And then Aaron settles down. What I have to tell you is that Aaron and son no.2 have become firm friends, I didn’t quite manage to photograph the moment where Aaron completely cuddles up to my son whilst enjoying a gentle nose rub, this is as close as I could get.

There was jousting and other games involving quite alot of fire, it was quite a long show, over half an hour.

And the final line up.

When asked to hold on whilst I get my camera out, son no.2 replied with “well I will, as I am contractually obliged to do so”,

Aaron in all his glory.

Then a quick shot of the heir apparent on his birthday with his dad.

And then with me.

And he played at bows and arrows.

And climbed the tower, having done that before I carefully declined the very kind offer and

caught up on a few rows.

Then it was son no.2’s second show of the day and we caught him carrying the Kings flag back to base.

and then we have a photo of the Heir and the Squire.

Son no.1 loved his birthday treat and son no.2 quite enjoyed us being there, so it was a win, win. And I think son no.2 is a very lucky boy to find such a wonderful summer job, mind you, he had been working very hard to find something this summer with chasing the agencies and job centre every day, so you can imagine just how pleased we are.

3 thoughts on “The Heir and the Squire.

  1. amelia says:

    Looks like a great job and a wonderful time!!Just wondering~~~how is it that each generation always seem to be taller than their parents??? I know my kids are all taller than me.


  2. Grandmaibb says:

    Oh that brought back happy memories of a day out at Warwick we had a few years ago. I think we had been to Gardeners World Live and spent the next day at the Castle. Happy belated birthday wishes to the Heir and good job done by the Squire.


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