Mixed Blessings.

Son no.2, hubby and I have been to see the specialists today and it has been confirmed that it is not cancer, turns out it was auto-immune pancreatitis. Even though they tested for auto-immune pancreatitis, the decision came back it was cancer, it was not. We have been reeling and have been reeling for a couple of weeks but didn’t dare say anything until we had it confirmed today. We are Very happy that he doesn’t have a cancer with such a low survival rate, but are still stunned and wake up because of nightmares of just what he and we have been through, watching your youngest child go through such major surgery is deeply shocking to your very soul.

We get to have our boy back, for that we are grateful.

9 thoughts on “Mixed Blessings.

  1. amelia says:

    Thanks be to God that it's not cancer. Just thinking about that is too much to bear and I don't know how you've lived through it this long.That being said, he sure has been through a lot but he has youth on his side and hopefully will make a full recovery!!What an awful thing to have been through. For all of you…


  2. Suze says:

    That is wonderful news. I am sure the journey has been so very tough and it is misery watching someone you love go through such a huge and painful surgery.


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