National Baking Week – 1st Try.

I was dreaming of fruit cake and wondering why we had to wait until Christmas to enjoy a nice fruity slice long before I spotted Carie tweeting that it was National Baking Week. It was all the excuse I needed and decided to try a new recipe for fruit cake.

Son no.2 and I weighed and measured and beat and mixed and sieved and grated and greased and lined in happy companionship and then gaily put the almonds on the top together before popping the cake in the oven for the required time.

And I tested it and then I gave it another half an hour, and then thought it was done.

And took a photograph whilst the cake was cooling down.

And then as I was trying to get the cake out, it all fell apart. And at that point it became evident that there was a half an inch base that wasn’t cooked but which hadn’t revealed itself to my skewer. I saved the cake part of the mixture, the boys picked whilst dinner was being cooked and

hubby dashed to shop for custard, (it is one of our sins, we do love Waitrose’s custard) and all was well in our world again. The cake is extremely rich, this small portion defeated me and hubby had to help me out.

I shall try again soon.

2 thoughts on “National Baking Week – 1st Try.

  1. amelia says:

    That looks like a Dundee cake and if it is, they are really rich!! I have made one, once and decided not to do another. Even my Christmas cake recipe is not as rich.I've never been lucky enough to have Waitrose custard but hubby and I really do love the custard we get. (can't remember the name but it's English)


  2. Suze says:

    Oh how I feel for you. You can do all sorts with the crumbled cake. I convert it to rum balls for my father and he loves them.I have found that the cake needs lots of time to cool and firm up. Recently I made a batch of boiled fruit cakes. We cut/crumbled the first but the other two were much better. I can only surmise that the maturation week or three helped.Better luck next time because it looked beautiful.


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