A sense of Christmas.

I seem to have been surrounded myself with all things Christmassy this weekend. Last weekend I wandered over to Decorative Cloth and found to my delight that they had some boiled woolen cloth in. I quickly came up with an idea and bought enough fabric to delight son no.2 with a home made stocking advent calendar. I was designing whilst I was choosing, it was really good fun.

So this Saturday was my first opportunity to sit and get down to business.

I was quite surprised at just how long it took to draw around the template that I made and cut the stockings out, even though I had cleverly decided to cut two out at a time, which then matches the pair perfectly.
I then chose which order they had to come in, which was critical because,
I was choosing which colour fabric square would work best before
machine embroidering the numbers on before attaching to the stockings. They are starting to look so much fun.
Unfortunately my sewing machine has stopped play. Its thrown a wobbly and the tension discs have stopped working correctly, I have tried everything and spent two full days on it and have had to admit defeat, its going in for a service, its still under guarantee so its not a problem. The spare ancient sewing machine was moved around during the window fitting, by hubby, I eventually found the ‘ingenious spot’ in which he placed it, he however, did not remember to place the ‘very important’ plastic briefcase that I ‘always’ keep with it, so I can’t use my machine in reserve as I don’t have its oh so very important electric leads, spare feet, bobbins etc. Bitter, I’m not bitter, frustrated may be a better choice of word, I was hoping to get this finished for the 1st of December, for obvious reasons. On the plus side, whilst taking my machine in for repair, it does give me another chance to ooh and aaah over the machine of my dreams in front of him, I’m not getting my hopes up, but a girl can dream.
So on Sunday afternoon I was kicking my heels and we decided to take advantage of the warm dry day to have a little wander around Birmingham to look at the German Christmas Market which had just come to town. I love it, its all so very festive, it gives me goose bumps and shivers down my spine all at the same time.
It was very busy,
and very pretty
and we all had a lovely time. If you do go, make sure to have a look at the Himalayan singing bowls, the chap on the stall had us all entranced and when he played with the largest bowl, the sound was so deep and low, almost out of ear shot, it was like an ancient god calling to you. Amazing, I loved it, – I didn’t love the price tag though!

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