Whats the worst that could happen!

I could be left with a lot of sock yarn, and that would be terrible! (said tongue in cheek)

For some time I have been aware of a few of our members of the knitting group not being able to come by good quality sock yarn. Whether it was from not being on the internet or not being able to go easily to other yarn shops or just lack of time. And I’d been mulling over an idea for a while, which was to provide sock yarn and double pointed needles so that they could enjoy the wonders of sock knitting and glove making. I decided to start small, very small, although the idea is to make a profit from this venture, rather than a loss, it will never give me an income on which to live, but will, hopefully, provide a small income and a service to my knitting group and others that may become interested along the way. From small acorns and all that.
I decided to start with Opal sock yarn, I love Opal, it wears like iron, I still have all of my pairs of Opal in very good condition that I knit when I first started knitting socks approximately five years ago. I think its soft and becomes softer in the wash and the colours are lovely.
My box of sock yarn arrived, “Crikey!”, I thought, “thats a big box”.
But it was okay as it was mostly packaging.
See not much at all. The other advantage of staying small is that the sock yarn will always be fresh and not mangled as can sometimes be seen in local yarn shops, along with I can stay current and buy the latest colours and designs so no one becomes bored.
It was quite appropriate that Janice who was my first member of the knitting group over two years ago purchased the first ball of wool. I thought there was something very nice about that.
Of course Kitty wasn’t going to be left out of the action and when asked which colourway she preferred out of these two skeins it became extremely obvious that she liked them both. Which left Carie in the awful predicament of having to choose, which like Kitty she couldn’t – like mother like daughter! – so she had them both. There were smiles all around.
Last night I was invited to a local creative event involving fibres at which I was able to promote my sock yarn and the knitting group. I had a lovely time and was able to talk about all things woolly for hours on end.
Well fingers crossed that my little venture is met with positivity, I do hope so.

4 thoughts on “Whats the worst that could happen!

  1. Angie says:

    Good Luck with your new enterprise Mandy. This is exactly what happened to me with Patchwork and Quilting supplies… just a few threads and one roll of wadding to start with, one year later… I'm about to sign on a real and propa shop any day now!!


  2. nicemurderknitter says:

    Good luck with your new venture – where are you going to keep all the wool? I've got a feeling that your supplies will grow! Good job you've got a supportive partner. I'd find it hard to part with the wool, but I'd be useless at running a business. All the best.


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