A completed Advent Calendar.

I finished the advent calendar that I was making, not without a major hiccup with my sewing machine which had to go in for a service mid sew. Which as it transpired was no bad thing because it gave me the opportunity to have a look at my dream sewing machine again, only to find that it was reduced by £500.00 for a very short period. Now I have been saving slowly for this machine because ever since I had a days free tuition on it, I have wanted it and the only way I could get around that was to start saving. With the discount I had saved nearly half, so after a little family conflab it was decided that all Christmas presents would be money from my boys and my parents and hubby and I could have my dream machine. How wonderful is that! So I am now the very, very proud owner of the Janome Horizon 7700QCP I never dreamed it would become a reality. Don’t get me wrong I still love my 4900QC, she is a lovely machine, and will be great to take to workshops etc, but once you have played on a machine like the 7700QCP there is no going back, you can feel the quality at your fingertips. And I need to name her, so in the best family tradition I shall name her Betsy, which is a name my Father has used on all of his cars, most of which were old bangers. They have never let him down, (well apart from that one time where we were stranded on a motorway on the way to our seaside holiday, all seven of us!, 2 parents, 5 kids – thankfully I can barely remember it) And hopefully my Betsy will never let me down, although I suspect there will be tear inducing moments along the way and I will be able to call out “Come on Betsy, you can do it” in time honoured family tradition.

Although I have seen many photographs and pictures of stockings being hung from the mantel above the fire, to me, it gives me the willies, so I have hung mine well away over an antique mirror.
All this decorative stitching has given me plenty of scope to play with Betsy and what she is able to do. This stitch is meant to be a sitting pussy cat, I will still need to play with the stitch, but you get the idea.
and I think I have succeeded in making all the stockings different.
Of course I like this one the best.
I will leave you with the boy and his first glimpse of the stockings.

2 thoughts on “A completed Advent Calendar.

  1. nicemurderknitter says:

    Oh boy I didn't realise such sewing machines existed. I have a basic janome machine that cost around £100 8 years ago. I was quite happy with it, but ooh I have turned green with envy. Father Christmas must have been pleased with you! Enjoy yourself.


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