Last Saturday we headed into London again, this time to see Degas and the Ballet at The Royal Academy of Arts. I first came across Degas whilst looking around The Burrell Collection in Glasgow at the tender age of 22, he never left me. So when I realised that this exhibition was on and it was very near to ending I had to come and see some more of Degas works.

Seeing La Repetition again was like walking into a familiar home that has the warm smell of scones baking. This was the very work that grabbed my soul and kept it prisoner all those years ago, I have never escaped from the beauty of it. I am no great art critic, I am simply glad that art is in my life, if only in a very small way.
If you would like to have a peek at this exhibition and have iPhone, iPad or iPod touch there is an iTunes app which is very good, Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement Royal Academy of Arts, London. Cost £1.99
We stumbled out of here at about 12.30, we had taken three hours to view the exhibition and then ate our sandwiches and fed the pigeons our crumbs on these benches in the square. And then were ready for the fray!
I’d taken a couple of photo’s of Fortnum and Mason just as we had arrived earlier,
as can be seen buy the hour on this timepiece.
Fortnum and Mason is so pretty at this time of year,
it sparkles,
and shimmers,
and glows.
After a little light shopping, (to be revealed later in this post) we headed out to Sloane Square, to see VV Rouleaux and there wonderful ribbons. I’d seen an idea for a velvet cushion made of ribbons which I had wanted to try out, but because of the festive time of the year some of the colours were not available to me, maybe next time. We then popped into Peter Jones and I bought a couple of balls of Lima by Rowan which is 84% baby alpaca, dreamily soft and very warm yet light, waiting to be knit into a new winter hat.
Next, Hubby negotiated the underground, I just make sure I don’t lose sight of him as he zips along, fully confident on where to go, he quickly got me to Islington. We found Camden Passage very quickly and were met with such a pretty sight. We were that entranced by all this loveliness we nearly walked past our goal,
and when I turned around from admiring another shop to find this, well, it took my breath away. Loop has grown and grown in just the few short years that I have known it and often is the only purveyor in the UK of exquisite yarns from all over the world. I warn you, Not to have your credit card handy whilst looking through Loop’s website.
As you can imagine, there were goodies galore, and it was great fun exploring, I bought something home as you might imagine. Well it was just calling to me, in colours that I adore and all of a sudden it was too late. I’d bent down to pick it up and by that time I was lost and gone.
Wollmeise Lacegarn in Gazpacho. It was Christmas and my colours all rolled into one. What was a girl to do.
And by that time we were hungry so we headed out to the Chinese Quarter. The previous week we had been unable to find our favourite restaurant so we did a little research on the net and found that they had closed down but that their Chefs had gone to, Feng Shui Inn so we headed straight there. On the way we saw quite a few Santa’s who had had been enjoying their Flashmob in Trafalger square earlier, we had hoped to get their but spent too long enjoying the works of art.
We know these guys are great at sea food, so started with the seafood dim sums and a scallop apiece.
and then I settled into enjoying the best lobster I have ever eaten. I don’t normally give accolades like this, you know I have had lobster straight off the boat and cooked it myself, I’ve had lobster in some very lovely restaurants, maybe it was the wine and the atmosphere, but this was gorgeous, lobster in a sweet and sticky chilli sauce. Hubby enjoyed his eel in black bean sauce before picking at my lobster. This restaurant was extremely busy, but they still did a good job on service, it has reviews that are up and down on the net, although some of the reviews are rather old. For us it is going to be our turn to restaurant until we deem otherwise, it was very, very, good. (and considering it was lobster in the centre of London, not that expensive)
All gone.
And we safely brought home our own little jewel. A beautiful hand blown cut crystal, decorated with gold, Christmas tree decoration from the hallowed halls of Fortnum and Mason. We shall treasure it always.

4 thoughts on “Degas

  1. millefeuilles says:

    I am over the moon to have discovered your blog tonight. Your photographs have given me a wonderful dose of London; a city I lived in years ago and do not visit enough now I live in France (which is fabulous too).I love Degas. I am passionate about performing arts and have a ballet dancer daughter and so his paintings speak to me.I order regularly from Loop's online shop but I was gawping at the window display just as much as you. You made me smile when you explained how the allure of the yarn was stronger than your will: I know that feeling VERY well!I shall now sign up to follow you.Happy last week of Advent.Stephanie


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