Years ago, (many, many years ago) my nan used to knit her own dishcloths. They were sturdy and used to last for ages, not like the flimsy things we have these days. I saw some dishcloth yarn in Birmingham market last year and cast on, but must have been side tracked by something knitterly and put it down. I found this started project the other day and have enjoyed knitting these cloths in the late evening when all I want is to settle down with something soothing.

It will be interesting to see how they last. Another thing that tickled me is that the unbleached yarn is very pretty and all the rage and put together with a nice bar of soap from the French market which appears once in a while and tied up with a pretty ribbon it would make an ideal present which is completely on trend.
Even the boys have shown an interest in them and talked about their usefulness compared with the shop bought cloths. I find it very interesting when knitting leads me down a path I least expected – talking about dishcloths with son no.2 could not have been predicted, but I am very amused by it.

5 thoughts on “Dishcloths.

  1. amelia says:

    Where we live is a large Mennonite community and they make and sell these cloths. I bought them for my daughter in law and she's hooked! She uses nothing else!These are things I have never made.


  2. Jenny says:

    I used some spare Rowan cotton to knit a pretty patterned dishcloth. It was lovely beside the sink but didn't last very long, maybe the proper stuff will be better (but not as colourful).


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