Liv in action.

First of all I must apologise for not writing sooner, it has just been a combination of being busy and because of that feeling shattered.  Unfortunately I always pay one way or the other but it has been worth it.  So thank you for all of those emails and private messages on Ravelry enquiring as to our health, we are okay.  Son no.2 will be back to see the specialists about his fatty liver soon and my doctors are slightly concerned about ‘stuff’ but we are okay.

So what has been happening?

My dad has had his birthday, so I took Mum and Dad and the boy out for a meal.  I think there was a mini competition of the impressive beards.

We had our wedding anniversary which was lovely.  And decided to as in way of celebration have a mini break in London.

We went to see the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy.  It was amazing!  We became members of the RA, as we are desperate to come back to see it again along with other galleries and exhibitions on show that we never seem to get to.  Mainly through exhaustion you understand. 
I showcased Liv throughout my visit to London and it seemed to be going down a storm.  For those that don’t know, this was the piece of knitting that was carted around with me whilst son no.2 was very poorly recently.  It kept me sane in what had become a world filled with pain and anxiety and one where all I could do was cry, in-between comforting our son. A sock wouldn’t have had the same comforting effect but this, when I knitted, stitch by comforting aran weight stitch was to me a god send.  And I am most glad that I started it the week it all went wrong and only later realised that the pattern was called Liv, (my photocopy which I made from the original book didn’t have the title on, it was only later when I checked the book I realised)  which was when we were two weeks in and it had become very serious.  Of course that made me cry even more, but it also gave me hope, that somebody up there was doing strange things and sending me a message of hope.  That and that there were many, many people, world wide, many with pointy needles that were praying for my boy by this point.  I still weep at the thought of that and am so very grateful. 
Liv was designed by Martin Storey and I made it with Rowan Scottish Tweed in Aran in colour way Lewis Blue.  I haven’t weighed it yet so I can’t tell you how many balls I used. 
Back to the trip.  (I am keeping this brief because I need to get to bed!)
We went to the British Museum, I’d never been before. 
I like it when buildings make me look small. 
There was a very scary cat. 
And I loved this ceiling and feeling of space in the museum. 
I would have gone to see this building just for this. 
And a chap playing a harp very beautifully in the underground. 
And we did lots more, notably seeing Quentin Blake’s illustrations at The Foundling.  Don’t forget to look out for there free app. 

3 thoughts on “Liv in action.

  1. Jenny says:

    How beautiful is Liv, it suits you so well and is a positive outcome from such a low time in your life. I'd love to see the David Hockney exhibition, I was brought up on the Wolds of East Yorkshire and I don't remember them being anything like as beautiful as he portrays them.


  2. amelia says:

    I'm happy to see you back and I hope the problems with your sons liver are taken care of and he returns to robust health. I pray for this.You looked absolutely stunning in your 'poncho?' with sleeves? Do these things have a name? I have a similar one, not as grand though and I've never really known what it's called!!!The British Museum is one I have been to and loved. There is nothing to equal it in Canada. I bet you are just beat and you need to take some time for total recovery now…


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