Sewing for Pleasure NEC 2012

Last weekend I was extremely busy what with the Going Around in Circles at Ruddington which I posted about last time and the arrival of Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC.  So I am trying to catch up with a few posts, this weekends activities will be unfashionably late to be posted in the week.  On last Friday I popped over to the NEC and spent the day immersed in free workshops, it was wonderful, I had a lovely time.  I have found the best way to get the most out of these shows is to go early and to go on your own,  run (or as in my case march smartly) to the various locations where these workshops can be booked (they are quite scattered around the show) and to work quickly and methodically as they are full up within the first ten minutes of the show.  I am sure there might be a better way to be fairer to the lame and disabled but at this point that is how it works at the moment.   I managed to get three places and then found another half full workshop later in the day where the person(s) that had booked, failed to turn up!  Hints and tips, always look for an empty spot in the afternoon, some people have either forgotten or gone home by this point and I have found this to be the case on more than one occasion. 
And then on the Sunday it was my turn to help out with the UK Hand Knitters Association which is always very enjoyable and to my delight I was asked to help out with “For the record:conversations over knitting” conceived by Belinda and Ruth.  Well, we had a wonderful day.  The banter was lovely and light, trickling along like a babbling brook, sometimes gently, sometimes erupting, often interspersed with lots and lots of lovely laughter.  There were tense moments whilst people remembered or learnt new skills and best of all there was singing!   Which was videoed, so look out for that on Belinda and Ruth’s web site. 

 There were some beautiful yarns to choose from, I chose a single ply which was a merino mixed in with some silk, (I think there might have been a little cashmere in there) it was gorgeous and I was soon under its yarny and delightful spell.

 The wall at Sunday lunchtime, over 250 bias blocks were knitted in the four days, Belinda and Ruth are hoping for a million!  So if you fancy joining in, go for it, I am sure it is going to make a wonderful art installation in the future.   Belinda is talking about using it to festoon Tower Bridge with, I like a girl with vision.

 And what were the wondrous and insightful thoughts that were going through my mind whilst I knit.  Well there were many, and some were funny and happy and then there were quiet moments where I reflected upon the last year which brought out some painful emotions, which still include shock, sadness and joy.  But the main one, that kept coming back, time after time, was “Am I going to run out of yarn?”  and as you can see from my bias block, I did!

 John, Dot’s husband took some photo’s of us, whilst we were busy

 and I think they capture the mood

of the event perfectly.

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