Quilting with Jennie Rayment.

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop recently at The Quilters Den in Warwick with Jennie Rayment.  I had a wonderful day learning her latest design called Scrappy Zappy Do from her book Foldy Rolly Patchwork Pzzazz.  I had many compliments on my use of Christmas fabric which Jennie had not seen used in this design before.  In her book there is a tutorial on quilted circular place mats using the same triangles that are gently folded on there bias, (I haven’t got that far yet!)  so I think I will turn this into a Christmas runner for the table with a matching set of place mats  (which won’t be for a while as I am snowed under at the moment) 

 I’d love to have another workshop with Jennie, she was a very good teacher, leaving very little room for her students to make mistakes.  Her humour is lively and she entertained us beautifully.

Jennie in front of her own Scrappy Zappy Do.

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