And so it begins…

I have two major projects on the go at the moment, having watched other projects slowly sink to the bottom of the pile.  The first on the list is our allotment, spring seems to have come very quickly this year and normally by Easter we are much further ahead.  (although I know that Easter is a movable feast)
 So I was very pleased that out of all the seeds that I had planted last weekend the Mitzuna had germinated. I first came across this leaf in an organic veg box and instantly adored it so I was very pleased to find the seeds last year.  It is a spicy accompaniment to a mixture of leaves or lovely as the only leaf in a meat or cheese or egg sandwich. 

I find using pencils are the best way to prick out, I hold the leaf, never the stem, no matter how gentle you are you risk damaging the plant if you grip the stem.  I use the pencil to lift the plant and its roots gently from the soil (no pencil in this shot as I was taking the photo with the other hand)

And then wiggle a hole to carefully place the young plant in, then gently water in and the hole will fill in on its self.

All done, one tray of Japanese Mitzuna’s. 
Hubby is trying a different method for the tomatoes this year.  Rather than using grow bags he is building raised beds in the greenhouses and filling with our own home made compost.  We will have to see what happens.  This year we are using a combination of tomatoes grafted onto vigorous root stocks and tomatoes which are not. We couldn’t get grafted large plum tomatoes so we decided on the usual plants.  I’ve found that these are the most delicious when pulped down for cooking and the easiest to pick, much quicker than picking the tiny tomatoes and the quickest to blanch, skin, chop up and cook.  
And I at last get to sit down with this…  The latest Mystery Blanket by Debbie Abrahams,   I have probably knitted this square about five times now.  I think I have mastered the twists and turns of Intarsia now, but my biggest fault is enjoying the knitting.  So what happens is I am in deeply cheerful mood thinking it will be all right and it then turns out I made a mistake a few rows down and its throwing the whole thing out.  And you all know what a perfectionist I am, so I have to tink or frog it back to find my mistake. 
I think I will finish this square tonight and then I am onto a couple of squares with beads, so pretty.  

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