How did the 30 day challenge go?

I hear you ask.

Well its been well over the 30 days, I think its about 48.

The first two to three weeks went extremely well, then I caught a tummy bug (probably from the Sewing for Pleasure jaunt) and that took me off my feet and meant I stayed very close to home for a few days.  I felt quite weak after that but managed to recover enough for our day out in London (which was blogged about some time after the event) and caught the chills on the way back which went into a cold and then a mild lung infection (green gunk and the shivers), but fortunately recovered from that without medical intervention.

So what I am trying to say is I veered off course.  I am building myself back up, although heading back to Curves when a Zumba class was just about to start wasn’t the best plan for the first day back.  I rather over did that, and needed a couple of days to recover.  Thankfully I am now back to my usual workouts and am feeling fine with that.

Well, what have been the benefits?

Well for a start even though I caught a cold, my muscles weren’t screaming at me the way they normally do when I am having a day out in London, (we do pack a lot in) there were times that I was positively bouncy (although that may have been the Turkish coffee) and I felt that my gait had changed, my stride has lengthened and I felt that I was stronger.

And, I’ve lost a couple more pounds, it would have been more, but colds always leave me ravenous for some reason and not always for the healthy options.

It is good, I am glad I tried this challenge and I think Curves is going to be part of my life for a good while yet.

It is time to move over to another 30 day challenge and this time I want to explore the way I use my time to play.  I spend far to much time on the computer, its true! And because of developing the social places that I go to, let alone the fascinating blogs that I find along the way, my time in my day runs away with me and its all too easy to accomplish less and less, whilst all the time wanting to do more and more creative projects.  So, rather than saying that I am going to limit my computer time and suddenly be faced with a void, which could make me grumpy until I turn on the computer and click onto my social places to see what is going on in the world, I have decided to tackle my time issues from a different angle.  I am going to do more, that right, more.  Crazy isn’t it.  But it just might work, so, for the next 30 days I am going to play with my sewing machine every day.  Even if its just for a few minutes. Every day, for 30 days.

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