Day 1 of using the sewing machine for 30 days.

After a couple of hours I had sewn down the curves on my triangles. 
They looked pretty good, until I realised, 
 that I had forgotten the extra triangles on the corners, 
 At which point my sewing machine made a few weird crunchy sounds, which had an awful lot to do with the fact that I was using invisible thread on both the bobbin and the reel.  Apparently your not meant to do that, 
 and my machine was filthy as I have just finished a large project for my Mum. I decided to strip it and clean it.  I am woman, have screwdriver, can travel. 
 And soon it looked all shiny new again.  Tomorrow I am going to change the needle – listens to ooh’s and ash’s from the crowd.  (your meant to change your needle after every eight hours sewing!) 
And this was the muck I collected.  If only housework was so enjoyable and simple. 

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