What I learned today..

In the scheme of all things related to the sewing machine, items that require a ten digit code to verify that you do indeed have the right part to use, to do the job you wish, an item that will work on the machine that you have safely installed in your home,  never trust shop assistants.  I have just found to my cost that I have been sold the wrong free motion bobbin for my machine.  It is like a game of snakes and ladders, and I have gone back five spaces.

Secondly the reason that these little jobs on the sewing machine take so long is because of the designer of the machine.  You see the way I see it in my mind is that all of the little feet are stored on the top and all of the bulky feet with attachments are stored in the nicely designed draws at the back and front of my machine.  Simples, so when I looked for my free motion quilting foot, I found it wasn’t there.  I checked my machine three times, searched the room, scrambled under the desk amongst the bits and pieces of fabric that had fallen there, imagine my happiness when I did find a foot, not the right one, but a foot it was, I must be on the right track.  I came back out dirtier but without the required foot.  Then checked my machine again, opened the draws and glanced over the top, nope the free motion quilting foot wasn’t there.

Then I thought have I put this foot in my older machine.  Managed to unearth it under a pile of magazines, pillows (stuffing to you and me) and fabric only to find that it uses a completely different foot and no the foot I was after wasn’t there.  Cursed under my breath and considered buying another foot whilst desperately trying to think of a way to get this under hubby’s radar.  He would blame my housekeeping abilities which we know are well down on the list as to why he loves me.

I decided to search downstairs, just before glancing once again at my machine. And then, just out of the corner of my eye, I see the large quilting foot I want, perched safely in its hidey hole that the designer has so carefully placed on the top, next to the small feet.  It shouldn’t be there at all, it should be tucked into one of the draws, any self respecting seamstress knows this.  Mandycharlie quickly checks her peripheral vision which is fine and can only determine that it all stems from a knock on the head sometime soon after birth.

Manic mode, averted, it would have been ugly.

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