Day 6 of Sewing for 30 days.

Sewing everyday is far easier than going to the gym everyday, but you knew that.  What have I been up to, well, I am making placemats for  my Christmas table and at the same time making Mum some as well.   They are going quite well,  and I am really enjoying making them. 

Did you notice those points, well just in case you couldn’t quite see,

not bad.  Mind you, I haven’t shown you the previous two, they are not as pretty as this one.

Anyway, I ran out of black fabric yesterday and needed some more to finish these placemats so I took myself off to Warwick to visit Anita at The Quilters Den, to spend a very enjoyable hour and a half choosing fabrics.  I’d only popped in for a couple of items when an idea that had been ruminating came to fruition after having seen these fabrics.

I think they will make very pretty placemats for Mum to use in the garden and will become the perfect 75th birthday present that I have been searching for.  I’d best get crackin’ .

2 thoughts on “Day 6 of Sewing for 30 days.

  1. nicemurderknitter says:

    Oh my word I cannot believe you've started making Christmas goodies already! How do you get your brain into thinking about Christmas now? Looking forward to seeing what you make with that lovely fabric.


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