A cold and wet weekend.

I blame the chickens, its all their fault, the reason why my Kenwood Chef has died, which was the first Kenwood Chef that was made in 1953 has departed from this world with quite an explosive pop.  The first time it happened we changed the fuse and she came back to life for a couple of minutes but soon decided enough was enough with a bang and a flash of light and just a little bit of smoke.  I quickly unplugged her whilst hubby went off to reset the fuse box again.  At the moment she has her guts hanging out whilst the engineer takes on a diagnostic role, the trouble is her motor isn’t made anymore.  I may need to have a nurse wipe my fevered brow whilst I contemplate life without her.  We were good friends the Kenwood and I and made many people happy when we whipped up magnificent Pavlova’s and cakes for parties, let alone the number of times she was brought into action for simple mixes for pancakes and drop scones, and I will be at a complete loss when it comes to mixing my Christmas cake.  

It all started with those pesky chickens who have been laying like the clappers, if you want reliable hens buy White Stars, their productivity is quite astounding. So first of all I made a couple of quiche’s with the eggs, a piece of Stilton I rescued from the back of the freezer and the first of the asparagus.

And one with a few tomatoes that were lurking in the fridge which was popped into the freezer. 
And a few jam tarts that were made with the rest of the pastry.  Actually the flour that I used was self raising not having any plain in the house which made them quite puffy and soft, which was quite nice and the jam is a blackcurrant jelly that I made from our own bushes last autumn. 
The quiche was very tasty. 
And then hubby found more eggs so I made a Queen of puddings from left over bread in the freezer  more of the Blackcurrant Jelly. 
Not quite authentic, but very good. 
And realising that I wasn’t going to get to go to Wonderwool because the weather was going to be very bad on Sunday, I cast on a sock in Opal, hand dyed.  I am loving it and it was just the sort of pick me up I needed, as I was a little bit sad that I wouldn’t be going.
On Sunday I played with pretty fabrics, 
I am well on the way to making Mum’s quilt (it was place mats!) for her 75th birthday. 
And then the chickens laid more eggs and I was able to make a Chocolate cake. 
With a chocolate frosting which is boiled and then whipped until it is cool where upon it takes on a fudgey consistency and is absolutely gorgeous.  But which proved too much for the Kenwood. 
Apart from the Kenwood (did I mention the Kenwood?!) I’ve had a lovely weekend playing with ingredients to get the best out of them and not going to the shops once. Today we had pigs cheek casserole that was left over from Friday with a few fresh vegetables and mashed spuds, it was yummy.  Not bad for a make do and mend weekend.  (lets hope hubby can do the mending bit of this equation) 
I am off to knit a sock. 

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