One of my earliest memories is having Pikelets for tea.  I remember Dad standing guard over the Pikelets as they toasted under the hiss and splutter of the eye level gas grill.  When they were nicely golden brown and as hot as molten rock he would flip them onto a plate that was on standby and flick another eight Pikelets under the grill as five pairs of eyes watched him hungrily.  Mum would be buttering as fast as she could and dished them out to the hungry crowd. I always remember his authoritative stance on calling them Pikelets.  I never knew what a crumpet was, I had no idea and it took me until well into my teens to work out that they were one and the same thing.  Well they were for us. I am sure there are numerous versions that are with yeast or without, cooked with the aid of a ring to make it stand proud or without to let it come to its own level. But to us, the crumpets that came out of the packet were mislabelled and were intact PIkelets.  Sometimes we would have extra treats such as a grating of cheese or a dollop of jam but often they were just served with butter and to me they were the finest of all treats.
Son no.2 has been bringing them home occasionally to have as a snack.  I’d completely forgotten about them, what with all the other treats available to us today and toasted one, buttered it and when I tasted it was instantly transported back in time to tea time taken in the kitchen in the 1970’s complete with working coke stove and bright orange wallpaper identical (I think) to this one. (which may explain why my hand drawn daisies have such a hippy five petalled element to them) I know I loved the wallpaper and was very sad when it was changed.
Wallpaper aside, this morning started with torrential rain, and I am sorry to say the cat and I were very comfy as we pondered whether we were going to venture forth.   The cat decided to stay in bed, I started to get ready and then decided that it was just too wet and I would be better staying home.
I doubt my parents ever made Pikelets from scratch, Mum being more of a cake, pastry, fruit crumble and strawberry trifle kind of girl, whilst I don’t mind dabbling with the art of yeast bakery.
My first two pikelets.  I soon learnt that you really need much less batter per pikelet than you may think. 
All pikelets cooked
It was time for my brunch, they were absolutely delicious. 

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