Son no.2 had a craving for Aubergine Harusame, Yo! Sushi style and promptly walked into town to buy the required aubergines to make the dish.  When he returned there was quiet contemplation in the kitchen and the delicate sound of careful slicing interspersed with loud yells asking me what the ingredients are for the sauce.  The ingredients are garlic, ginger, light soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar and sesame oil.  It can be put together in a trice, just a little light grating and then whisking with a fork.  The taste does not belie how little effort goes into it.  
Soon son no.2 presented me with this and his delicate use of the ingredients made it very delicious. I was most impressed that he was able to obtain such a good balance of flavours, having left the measures of the ingredients up to him.  It bodes well for his cookery capers in the future. 

I finished the piecing of the quilt for Mum this evening and have pinned the layers together, quilting starts tomorrow. Eeek!

2 thoughts on “Tasters.

  1. Lady Fe says:

    The dinner and quilt look fab – I'm just about to finish another baby blanket quilt, only my second one, so I'm in awe of the size of yours (and not at all surprised the cat thought it was a comfy spot to sit in your later blog!)


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