Malvern Quilts 2012

Hubby and I went to see the quilts at Malvern on Saturday.  Well, when I say We I mean he took me and then happily sat and waited for me to finish, he is deeply involved with the sock knitting machine at the moment and is determined to learn kitchener stitch with the sock inside out,  (working the purl bumps) and thought this would be an ideal opportunity.  Even though I could take over he has listened to and watched my instructions and will not let me anywhere near his little pile of socks that need sewing up.  So he sat happily in the car kitchenering and winding up sock yarn from previous sock knitting attempts which was lightly interspersed with coffee and cakes whilst I gallivanted around the show and enjoyed a couple of workshops.  He seemed quite happy when I got back, almost jubilant with success one might say, learning kitchener stitch will do that to you every time.

Firstly I did a little light shopping, this is some fabric that I saw at another show at the end of the day when I was all shopped out. The memory of it has haunted me ever since and in that time I had found the perfect project for it.  I have a large orange bag that I use for shopping at quilt shows now that rucksacks are banned and this bag was a freebie at another show and is slowly falling apart even though any holes are sewn up.  I’ve never found the right bag to replace it and I came to the conclusion that it was time to make my own.  And I think this will be the perfect print. It is printed on a canvass upholstery type weight.  

and then I had the greatest fun,

searching out suitable liner, handle and accessories for the bag.

I had hoped to find some more Christmas fabrics for my stash.  I was very lucky to find two packs,

and love how pretty they are. 
One of my workshops was with Maggie Davies who taught us how to make Kanzashi Flowers.  I am startled that I have made something so pretty, especially as it was the first attempt.  I may make more.
I’ve printed this out so that you can see, I am in love with this quilt, they had run out of patterns, I will be buying one.
It is the funniest thing to see all of these quilts together, I met other women who were as giggly as I was at seeing them all.  We came up with the idea that we should buy a hotel and have a different quilt on each bed, wouldn’t that be wonderful!
All I can say is enjoy.  

 I had a thoroughly good day and am really looking forward to the quilts (and the shopping)  at the NEC.

2 thoughts on “Malvern Quilts 2012

  1. nicemurderknitter says:

    So glad you put some pictures up of the show as I was unable to go this year due to family commitments.I love your London fabric. Do you happen to remember which company was producing this fabric? As I would love to purchase some of this fabric too.


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