Summer Meadow Quilt

It is done, finished, completely finished.
And my how it has grown.  I am glad that I decided on a quilt rather than place mats, it is much more substantial for a 75th birthday present for my Mum. 
 If you notice that the fabric surrounding the green squares is placed so that the different colours are on the diagonal. And there are flowers in the centre’s of the fabric that surrounds the square (terribly English Mandy!). 
 It has taken 23 days of sewing or cutting out every day.  Most days I spent a minimum of 2 to 3 hours on it, some days I spent nearer 8.  If I had to guess I think the quilt has taken 80 to 100 hours. 
 A closer look. 
 I love the flowers in the middle, although I couldn’t get them to sit right and they become quite blowsy, although I forgave them as they reminded me of poppies in full flower having been beaten by the wind and summer rain drops. 
 And in some ways this flaw gives the quilt character. 
 A closer look at the pattern. 
 I added this little strip of fabric, although fiddly I love adding it, I love the flash of a strong colour and how it adds texture to the quilt.  This is becoming my trademark. 
 Mainly the quilt is quilted with stitch in the ditch but in the centre squares I free motion stippled. I love the centre flowers, they are made with a fold of fabric and rather cleverly they then make tiny pockets which is great fun.  You could leave little messages in them, or the odd boiled sweet (wrapped of course) for later. The free motion stippling, which I am getting much better at, makes the flower pop out from the background. 
 The green border I free motion quilted with flowers, and again my technique improved as time went on. I quite enjoy free motion quilting now. 
 And I finished with a border of fabric that was in the flowers.  Stitched on the top, hand sewn on the back, which took four nights and more hours than I had imagined, I dragged myself to bed at 2 a.m. one night/morning. 
I made a label to tell of the name of the quilt, who it was for and why and who made it when and where. So if anyone should find it stuffed into the corner of an attic in a hundred years they will have something to start with.
And just in case they find this blog, well you never know!  All the fabrics are cotton, it was quilted with cotton, pieced with Egyption cotton and the batting is also 100 % cotton.  

7 thoughts on “Summer Meadow Quilt

  1. Angie says:

    Wow indeed, it's absolutely gorgeous. Quilting is fabulous, colour and fabric designs are fabulous, but I can tell… you already knew that for your very own self!! ha ha ha. I can't wait to see what you make next…


  2. millefeuilles says:

    Ha, Ha! TWO comments for the same post from me! You are clearly worth it. Thank you so much for the sweet comment you wrote on my blog. It was a real joy to meet you too at Loop. Now since I'm following you I shall be keeping a close eye on your future projects.Read you soon, lovely lady.Stephanie


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