London Jubilee

We have spent seven out of the last eleven days in London, but not all at once.  Firstly we spent five days, one of which I had a wonderful time at Loop and shall get around to writing it up.  On another day trip we as Friends of the Royal Academy of Art were personally invited, invitation only, to see the Summer Exhibition, which was great fun.  Although there were quite a few works that I think I could have done better myself, who knows, maybe I will exhibit something myself next year.  And after those heady jaunts we relaxed in Warwickshire waiting for our local celebrations to start.  And then it rained, and rained and rained.  And whilst it rained we reminisced about our days spent out in London and I remarked that I really would like to try and get around the city by bus, I’d see a lot more and it would be easier on the joints not having to climb the steps of the tubes. Every time I’d mentioned this before, hubby hasn’t taken the bait but this time I added in… I’d heard that Londoners use the buses more than the tube…  Well that seemed to do the trick and we downloaded apps and booked train tickets and talked about what we would like to do.  We decided against an exhibition, they exhaust us and we just felt we wanted to feel the buzz of the city and remain relatively fresh.  So yesterday was spent wandering around and tootling around London on the buses.   We left as the crowds were building up, we contemplated staying and standing in The Mall, but my joints won’t take that, no matter how buzzy I feel.  We had a wonderful day, I took over three hundred photo’s, here are just a few.  

3 thoughts on “London Jubilee

  1. amelia says:

    Watching all the Jubilee celebrations and now looking at your blog has made me more homesick than I've ever been in the 38 years that I've been living abroad.I have to keep telling myself that life goes on no matter where we live and my kids are all here but I want to be there…I'd love to have that teapot!!


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