Marlborough Buns.

I bought a bun the other day from Waitrose, it intrigued me and looked like it had the right amount of glossy sugar coating to fruit.  It was called a Marlborough Bun and to all intents and purposes looked like a rock cake.  I bit into it to find a delicate doughy texture combined with a zingy heavy on the lemon candied peel filling, along with cherries and sultanas. 
I then became addicted to them,  I’m putting my cravings down to SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I know that I don’t have the severest form of this disorder but at the moment I am feeling very much like I do come the end of February, Pllleease can we have some sun, and soon. 
I couldn’t find a recipe for this on the net but after much research realised that their origins must be from the Bath Bun.  I’ve made one batch, I need to tinker with the recipe, its not sweet enough (according to the boys) and it needs more fruit.  But I am on the right track.  
I’ll post the recipe when I get it right, but until then may I present my first attempt at making Marlborough buns. 

6 thoughts on “Marlborough Buns.

  1. Carie says:

    Well your first batch looks pretty good – from your description they sound a little bit like a not rolled up Chelsea bun – looking forward to a recipe in due course!


  2. Ian Bazely says:

    PLEASE! Someone put out the recipe for these. I have them when visiting Waitrose for a cup of coffee but would like to make my own at home.


  3. Helen Churms says:

    Thank you. I looked up this particular bun as my husband brought back two last night, from Waitrose, for the first time ever. It was simply delicious.


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