Summer came to the plot.

I can’t tell you how relieved I feel that at last we have some sunshine. I had started to hibernate, my need for sleep and carbohydrates has increased dramatically over the last two weeks, 11 to 12 hours kip, sometimes longer, had become the norm, otherwise I felt dire.  This last two weeks has been really tough to get through and then ta da, a sunny day. 
Hubby dragged me down the plot.  He knows whats good for me, even if I don’t. 
I’ve decided to do a thirty day, everyday to the plot to try to combat this mood along with setting myself up for the winter. 
Anyway onwards and upwards, today at the plot there was…
  nasturtiums, which I planted to have with salads. 
 The parsnips (middle row) are doing well and the beetroot is coming along, although its germination has been a little patchy. 
 The Autumn rasberries we planted last year have come along in leaps and bounds and are starting to fruit well. (If a little early because of the weather) 
A few raspberries picked from the summer variety. 
 Blue lake icebergs, yum, yum.
One tidied up ready to come home. 
 Blackcurrants, raspberries and cherries (buried underneath) and mint, sage, rosemary and oregano.  There is only one way to pick blackcurrants, sitting on a chair. The pesky little things hide really well and it takes me a good three quarters of an hour to find all the fruits off one bush.  
We are trying celery in the greenhouse this year and it seems to be coming on very nicely, which will please my Father as it is one of his favourite foods. I have failed to provide him with any since we had the allotment having one failure after another, maybe this year he will be lucky.  
 The runner beans are coming along nicely. 
And I have several yellow courgettes in my fridge just waiting to be cooked. 
The cucumbers have failed, having endured one cold day too many they curled up and died. Cucumbers are known for being very temperamental.  Our tomatoes are well behind this year, and don’t even talk to me about the peas, I may just cry. 
But as always, nature provides and we are having a bumper crop of Globe Artichokes. 
 I grew these plants from seed a few years ago and they have loved this damp weather.  I am always very amused by them because you cannot get the seed to grow true, so on one plant you will have the rounded ended leaves and on another plant they may be spiky.  It is said if you get a plant that grows and produces very well the only way to propagate from it is to take cuttings. 
There are about twenty artichokes here, we have already eaten thirtyish and there are over twenty left on the plants.  
 I love their greens and purples and all the shades in-between, they are so pretty. 
Tomorrow I may well be making garlic and rosemary foccacia,  garlicky artichoke hearts, iceberg leaves becoming cups filled with a fried up garlicky courgette mixture (must check hubby hasn’t got a meeting on Tuesday!)  and something to do with eggs, adding some spicy potato wedges for the hungry boys all gaily sprinkled with nasturtium flowers!  They are going to love it. wink

2 thoughts on “Summer came to the plot.

  1. Angie says:

    Oh Mandy… are there any spaces left for dinner tonight, it sounds perfect! Your garden is fab… I have rhubarb and only rhubarb, see… I like eating fresh produce but I rather quilt than tend our garden's needs! he he he


  2. amelia says:

    I have never seen celery grown before! I had no idea where it came from or how it grew or if it came from China or Timbuktu! All very interesting and lovely. This is the first year we've had a garden now we've moved and have some sunlight. Our mornings have been down to 0c 1c 2c a lot of the summer so nothing is doing well. I'm so jealous of your produce!


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