Focaccia with rosemary.

There are times that I even surprise myself.
As I was picking the rosemary yesterday I was already dreaming of making this bread, the rosemary tips were young and tender and smelt heavenly. 
When hubby tasted it this evening he proclaimed it was the best bread he has ever tasted.  My husband is not one for either bread or praise, most of my culinary adventures are met with ‘its tasty’. 
There have been times I’ve nearly lamped him with my rolling pin after spending hours on some culinary expedition when it has been met with a ‘its tasty’.
But today was different, today he was almost giddy about the bread. 
And when I tasted it I thought Wow. 
The recipe came from Flavoured Breads by Linda Collister called Focaccia with rosemary and sea salt. I added a little bit more water as my flour must have been very dry, I knead for ten full minutes, (I timed it) and then followed the rest of the recipe, the dough rises three times in this recipe. 
I’ve used six recipes out of this little book, they have all worked out beautifully and I intend to bake them all, eventually. 

2 thoughts on “Focaccia with rosemary.

  1. Lady Fe says:

    That looks delicious and I've just bought a rosemary plant for our allotment- so I'll have to give this one a go! Thanks for the inspiration, I'd've never thought of it myself!


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