“One for all, all for one”

As some of you may know, son no.2 has been working at Warwick Castle for the last two summers and during that time he has become good friends with several of the characters that seem to enjoy this summer respite. (I shouldn’t say that because its jolly hard work) He has fallen into good company with one of the riders who rides a big and bouncy black stallion who I adore. 
Well, he and most notably his wife had the very good fortune to give birth to triplets, all boys! How’s that for a hat trick. Son no.2 has been invited to the christening,  (how nice!) and promptly asked me to knit something.  After a little persuading, after all triplet knitting is a serious undertaking, as I am sure you will agree, you knit to the end and have to repeat it twice.  
I found this pattern Boreal which combined with the short rows for the back of the neck and the cables looking more and more like chain mail or exquisite detailing on a Knights helmet.  Hubby thought it would be wonderful to knit something in red, white and blue, I understood his humour, but felt that this pattern would really shine through with the use of subtlety and so chose Rowan Tweed Aran in Buckden, Arncliffe and Litton. 
 I have loved the way they have come out, I think the boys will look wonderful as three Knights in the making. 
 And they have Gauntlets, should their digits feel the cold. 
I’ve really enjoyed making this set, I  hope they all get as much fun out of it as I have. 
“One for all, all for one” 

One thought on ““One for all, all for one”

  1. amelia says:

    These are really lovely! My middle child (daughter) had triplets and they are twenty one now so I don't knit for them any more but when they were little I could only knit gloves as I couldn't stand making three of the same pattern for little sweaters. I did manage to make blankets for their beds but they were all different.


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