My Study Partner.

In the old days, my study partner would either be listening to the music too loud, or burbling away about the latest boy they fancied, whilst I was trying to concentrate. 
I never found one asleep. 
 Absolutely flat as a pancake.
 I’d only been gone ten minutes.

Then Eric woke with a start, with a nope not me, I was not asleep, look on his face.
And then swiftly went into ‘you can’t make me do homework, I am too adorable’ dance routine. 
‘Well, I will help if you like, I am very good at drawing’,  
 ‘This is the pointy end,’
‘and this is the…..’ 
 Too late, he’s gone again.
 Off to the land of nod in the lovely sunshine, dreaming about mice and other cat treats.

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