Skirt – Finished.

Today was intense.  Unsurprisingly it took until 12.30 to get the skirt sewn up, 10 minutes for lunch and then there was the zip to put in, (always a longer job than you expect) the interfacing to draft out and then cut out from calico and interfacing, the stuff you put in clothes to make the fabric a little stiffer. Then came the under sewing, (great technique, loved that one, made the skirt look really professional) and a little hand sewing and then the hem, oh and a little spider embroidery.  Those jobs don’t sound like they would take long do they, but nevertheless I ended up sprinting for the finish and still went over time by a few minutes.
Anyway, I am very pleased to say I finished, sketch books all up to date and a finished skirt on the hanger, plus I had a quick try on and it fitted well. The crowd who witnessed the try on including two teachers and a group of students said all the right things.  Actually one tutor was quite amusing during the day as she was desperate to see the finished garment.
I have to say there was some amazing work, I can’t photograph other peoples work without their permission, but you must come to the fashion show later in the year, its going to be amazing.
 Some quick piccies from my phone,

and last but not least 
I added my little spider. 
It must be the size of a 50p, which is nothing considering all the fabric on the skirt, I asked two tutors if they could spot it and they did, very quickly, the human eye is obviously geared up to spot tiny insects, pests, and diseases etc. 
And the best bit, no homework this weekend. 

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