Ally Pally 2012

Hubby decided to treat me after all my hard work and organised a trip out to Ally Pally, Knitting and Stitching show. I was totally spoilt going first class, a girl could get used to that life style with free croissant, coffee, water and nibbles.

 You’ll be pleased to know that we weren’t spending the boys inheritance, that hubby has his feet firmly on the ground, he’d noticed that first class was considerably cheaper than second class. so booked it for us, we were at Euston in an hour.  
The show was amazing, I think it was the best show I’d been too, it seems to improve every year.  The free shuttle bus came promptly and took me up the hill, whilst hubby wandered around London seeing the sights he wanted to see.  The students work was amazing, it was certainly very inspirational.  There were more new companies selling wool, which was great and all in all I had a wonderful time. 
I even saw my work being exhibited at Toft Alpaca’s stand.  
That gave me quite a buzz. 

Today, I am tired and so just for this afternoon I am going to emerse my self in something terribly indulgent.  
I am going to knit for me. Just me. 
And I am going to knit with my lovely Darn Pretty Hazelnut DyakCraft needles (which have a ten months waiting list now) 

 and some gorgeous Araucania Aysen (merino, alpaca and silk) 
And I am going to knit myself a cute jumper to throw on for college (on days we are not painting), those studios with vast ceiling space and huge skylights can be a bit nippy in the mornings. 

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