This week we got to play with fabric on Tuesday and Friday.  There was hand embroidery, machine embroidery and then examining in greater detail all manner of frills, pleats and other playthings such as shearing elastic all in order to produce our own fabric for our bodice. 
I loved this fabric, its beautiful, I can imagine it being used as a hot water bottle cover in something warm and soft. Or as the fabric for a huge cuddly Shar pie to hug whilst watching scary films.
It is simplicity itself to produce. 
 Just sew squares with sheering elastic on your bobbin.  The tighter you hand wind your bobbin the more defined the wrinkles you can produce. 
 I very much like the use of pleats on this manly waistcoat.
 I thought the back was very attractive.  I couldn’t make up my mind whether it reminded me of armour or a space age suit.
 This effect was used on the cuff of another male jacket.
Feathers were made with fraying the fabric, very effective
And what looks like fur in real life was simply made by fraying the fabric.
I am off to buy shearing elastic, just as soon as I’ve had another nap. 
(tired isn’t the word, the hot flushes woke me up at three)

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