Hot Bondaweb.

At the moment my head is full of images relating to textiles.  We are designing our own bodice to go with the skirt and in this remit we have to design our own fabric that has texture. 
I am not sure that this meets the brief, but I came across this technique on the internet a couple of days ago and decided to give it a go.  And don’t worry, I haven’t gone completely off course, I have ideas a plenty that will meet the brief. 
First of all you paint your bondaweb having pulled off the top paper cover with a coating of water based acrylic paints and let it dry completely.  Then you pull off the back paper cover and tear it up into interesting arty *cough* shapes.  Place the bondaweb onto fabric, cover it with a thick layer of baking parchment and iron it.  Making sure that your iron does NOT come into contact with it.  Let it cool and peel away.  
As you can see from mine, my first try left my old and tatty and cheap baking parchment stuck to it.  I’ve pulled it away as best I can but I think it adds interest. *cough, cough*  Fortunately I had a new roll that worked.

 This is where the fun starts. 
I layered it up with
 Silver, white and black glitter.  (ooooh glitter)
 and sequins and torn up lace
and tiny, tiny beads
You can choose whatever you like really, everytime you add something you iron it, let it cool, pull the parchment away – don’t forget to use the parchment and it all sort of sticks together. 
And apparently you can seal it with Acrylic Wax after that, but I am not sure what it is and nor were Hobbycraft.
I think it would be great on those hard backed notebooks that you can get cheaply.  And off course I think it would look fabulous with more colour, we are still limited to our mono colours of black, white, grey and cream. 
There was just one drawback,
The glitter gets everywhere.  
I have averted disaster and thrown the ironing board cover in the wash lest hubby go to work in a sparkly shirt. 

One thought on “Hot Bondaweb.

  1. Carie says:

    That does look like a lot of fun – and what is it with boys and glitter? Apparently a dining room table that looks like it's been silver plated after a Mama/Kitty firework picture extravaganza is no longer suitable to place a work laptop on – who'd have thought!


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