And so the fast pace continues.

The hot bondaweb idea didn’t get into the final cut of ideas for the bodice, although some kidsilk haze did, which makes me very happy.  We still have many weeks before the completion of said bodices so who knows, the bondaweb idea might make a late comeback.  

Part of the exploration of ideas for a bodice involves looking at other artists and then copying their work as accurately as you can. This is before you go off road to bring in their ideas with your own, which is amazingly hard but has produced some very creative ideas this afternoon.  After doing initial research on 46 artists, both fine and contemporary, I quickly decided not to attempt something too messy when we were asked to develop just three of them, one week at a time, although Jackson Pollocks work does look fun, maybe next week.

So for this week I decided that I would remain seated and composed and would try my hand at some serious sketching.  Remember I haven’t drawn anything since I was 11 and I have never sketched – EVER! Not even Once! 
The first process involves reproducing as accurately as you can, mimicking the media used.

So, this is the drawing by Leonardo da Vinci I chose to sketch, and

just over one hour later
I had this.  
(I can see the faults, but am still in awe that I produced this)
We have drawing from life models next year!

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