School trip!

It has been a long time since I’ve been on a school trip, so it was with much excitement I boarded the coach to take us to the V & A, equipped with my knitting, (which is a baby blanket and babies don’t wait) a packet of crisps and some mint humbugs.  Having never knowingly under catered I was able to share my mint humbugs which were much appreciated.  We saw both the Hollywood exhibition (absolutely amazing) and the ballgowns exhibition, (not so great, but worth popping your head in). 
 A photograph of a miniature dress, probably used for a window display which is on permanent display, no photography is allowed in the paid for exhibitions. 
The shop in the V & A is amazing, worth a trip in its own right. 
I fell in love with these cuddlies,
 They made me giggle with glee.
 But I had no time to ponder the merits of a purchase as the coach was ready to take us all back home.
 When we got home the college was having an exhibition of its own selling artists work. 
It made me think of the summer exhibition at the RA
 I loved it.
 So exciting, especially when I thought this piece of work
 had sold. Nowhere to be seen.  Unfortunately I came across a mother and daughter team putting it back.  Their bank card had been refused and they had no cash!  This would have been my first sale! 
Never mind eh, if they come home, I will frame them.
And that baby blanket?  Another four inches added, must try harder!

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