In the style of Modigliani

At the moment we are spending most lessons immersing ourselves in ink and paint in an effort to reproduce some of the great artists. 
For this next test of endurance I chose Modigliani mainly because I like the earthy tones and simple mask like faces. Modigliani elongates his forms which I find attractive and interesting.
  I studied these and other samples of his work and then tried to replicate this in a portrait of my neighbour.

Again this is the first thing I have painted in over thirty five years.
(There are going to be many firsts this year)  

I found the journey very interesting, frustrating, peaceful, joyful, intense, emotional, but most of all amazing.

Amazing for a myriad of complex reasons, but mostly that I am doing this course and the painting looks female.

(this is always a plus when trying to paint a young woman) 

I wonder what I will be doing next?

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