My life at the moment seems to be a wonderful whirl of paint, fabric, wool and cake. 
And its wonderful, if a little tiring. 
This week has been an intense one of painting, which for me is mind blowing because I simply haven’t used mark making equipment for many a long year, if ever. 
 My bench, mid week. 
One thing I have noticed is that I hardly ever go to the shops to peruse their wares.  I would like to go shopping now and again but I simply don’t have the time, apart from dead on your feet shopping looking around the supermarket trying to make a decision as to what to eat that evening.   So when hubby picked me up on Friday and we drove home via the supermarket we passed a French Market which was in town for the weekend.  It was still open, but only just, so I hopped out of the car and dashed around to see if the soap man was there – obviously he was.  And what was more was that he had a huge basket of soaps that weren’t perfect, they had little dents etc in so couldn’t be sold for full price. A little negotiation may have occurred and I came home with several kg of soap.  I love this soap, we ran out about three bars ago and I have been very sad about it, it makes my skin feel very soft.  With two hairy men and one non hairy woman (I have a theory that hairy bodies take much more soap than non hairy ones) we get through a bar in just over a week.  So with that in mind we have 45 weeks worth, not quite a years supply but nearly.
Hubby put them in the bedroom and I couldn’t sleep with their heavy scent and had to move them in the middle of the night.  At the moment they are perfuming my sewing room, and soon they will be scattered around knicker and sock draws to perfume their contents.  It also makes it a wonderful surprise to find one when you think you have run out.  

One thought on “Pleasure.

  1. Charlotte Garden says:

    I make my own natural herbal soap and I am often told that the scents of the Essential Oils I use pervade all through my home and even outside.As you like the French soaps you should have a go at making soap yourself.


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