Copying take 2.

We are being asked to copy four artists this term, 
Here we have a nude by Egon Schiele, I particularly liked her red stockings and his bold line. 
We then are asked to develop three pictures that will eventually have our bodice and skirts on it, this is my attempt. 
 Firstly a straight copy.  
Then a little development.  And I only noticed the positioning of her head after I’d finished.  Really she is dancing like an Egyptian and it is totally anatomically correct. 
And then the last development of wearing the skirt and the bodice that is still in development, along with a little kid silk haze as a drape. 
It has been fun, I’ve smudged, painted and scratched. 
And just in case you think this isn’t a knitting blog, which to be honest it hasn’t been. 
I have just cast on and for a jumper in Cocoon by Rowan, the colour of it got the better of me and called its siren call, whilst all the time I knew I should have been knitting a baby blanket. 
All I can tell you about the baby blanket is that I have fifteen rows to go, and I probably won’t have time to finish it before Wednesday.  However I believe the baby may be getting ready for a surprise performance and may beat me to it. (that will teach me a lesson for going off track!) 


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