The Hobby and Stitch International Trade show.

Had the most amazing day at the Hobby and Stitch Trade show, but first I must show you hubby’s Valentines roses to me, plus the balloon that was romantically given over dinner.  I am only showing you all of this as I had bumped into Angie Quilts who I met about three years ago.  Her first question to me was “Have you cloned him yet?” Whereupon she reminded me that she had left a remark to that effect on my blog, then turned around to her Mum and told her what a fantastic husband I had,  how I always had beautiful roses and trips to London, then saw hubby, laden down with bags and admonished me for letting him carry all of my bags, how we laughed.  So just for you Angie, my latest lovely roses, I promise as soon as cloning becomes doable by a follow the numbers kit, your first on the list.
And those of a sensitive disposition should look away now.
The last words Holly of Wool Warehouse (whose business I was representing) said to me were, “Its a trade show, you can’t buy anything”, “that’s okay I said, it will be great fun anyway”
As you can see there were free magazines,  this is nearly all of my magazine collection, I have a good few weeks reading there.
 And the rest of them along with some (not all) of the trade magazines which will be fascinating reading for Holly and I, I know there will be lots of gizmo’s and books I’ve never seen and will want.
 Fabric Freedom were being a bit naughty and were actually selling at the show, (it was a huge scrum to get near the fabric)  I bought some fabrics for quilts, at £5.95 for 6 fat quarters and £9.95 for a full sized jelly roll, it would have been rude not to.
 I found this amazing yarn and they gave me a sample to show Holly.
 It makes pretty flowers as its being knit up. Great fun.
 I was given a pen that is a pretty metallic gold and a handmade button to show Holly.
 And some gorgeous Blue Faced Leicester by the UKHKA,
 Oh you did notice the needles. 
They are absolutely dreamy, they are HiyaHiya, in their interchangable sharps range and they gave me a pair as a sample to show Holly, how generous is that!  I’d noticed these needles being advertised in some of the American knitting magazines that I read so have always been curious. I was not disappointed, they are yummy, the join is extremely smooth and the cable rotates freely from the needle so it doesn’t unscrew them, I like them, alot.
It was a great day – thank you Holly.

4 thoughts on “The Hobby and Stitch International Trade show.

  1. Carie says:

    Lucky you! Now all you need is some nice sock yarn to knit while you catch up on your reading! I'm looking forward to seeing the fabric in a quilt too, it's very you colours.


  2. Angie says:

    Oh you tease… The flowers are gorgeous… such romance… now then, just to correct a little, we met 3 YEARS ago… I must say that lovely hubby of yours looked a bit bewildered at the request to have him cloned. Was great to meet you again.. you really are quite lovely, just like the first time we spoke.


  3. mandycharlie says:

    Hi Angie, I corrected the 3 weeks to 3 YEARS. When I explained what the cloning conversation was about, hubby puffed up his feathers and looked quite proud. I think he rather liked it. 🙂 See you again soon, NEC, March?


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