Its Christmas !

On Monday I bobbed along to the Royal Academy of Art to catch up on a couple of exhibitions that I had been meaning to see and on the way home popped in to Fortnum and Mason for some teabags (as you do) when I happened to notice that there Christmas shop had opened (last week apparently) so I hopped into the lift giddy with excitement. 
It was everything I wanted it to be and more, the music, the scent, the baubles, oh it was marvelous. I was so happy as I wandered around admiring the splendour. 
I told Sis and she asked if it was better than the Stratford upon Avon Christmas shop, ‘Oh yes’ was my reply and ‘Harrods just pales into insignificance’.  
It is pricy, but it is lovely.
I’ll leave you with it. Enjoy.  
(only had iphone, sorry about the piccies).

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