Sewing on a button.

I know I have been lost in action for quite a while now.  At the moment my days are filled with hunting down my reading list on ebay and amazon, although I won’t be buying the one book for £645.00.  I’ve started to go to fresher events, no drinking as yet! And generally pottering around with my knitting and sewing whilst cramming in a visit to a museum/gallery/area of London that interests hubby and I. This weekend we went to the Thames Festival on the South Bank, it rained but it was fun.  For me it was the first time near the South Bank Centre and it gave me great insight as to what the many hundreds of high end Londoners I’d interviewed had to say when I was a telephone market researcher about the concrete elephant of it all, especially the Hayward Gallery, you never know I might get to go inside one day.  (wry giggle) 
Remember the toille?  Well the next step was the buttons and after reading up a little, I’d thought I would share my finds.  (those that know everything about button sewing, please feel free to disregard this post) 

Firstly, find centre of button hole with a pin, keep hold of the pin whilst you undo the garment.

 As you sew on the button do so over a pin and then remove.
 Wrap thread six or seven times around the threads under the button to form a shank.
 This tightens the threads and leaves the threads looking smoother and shinier, a more polished finish and also leaves room for the fabric when the garment is closed.
Finish by sewing through the base of the shank on the same side two or three times and then snip close to the base.
This leaves it very secure and leaves a very tidy finish on the reverse.

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