Christmas Sparkle.

As a quick pick me up, I found myself at Liberty’s looking at Rowan yarn, but before I got into the lift I noticed they had opened their Christmas floor, so I took a small detour.

 It was well worth it, it made me smile and giggle like a school girl, which was exactly what I needed at the time. 
 So many pretty things to see.
 There were reindeer.
 and pretty blue birds in glass baubles.
 Ships sailing the high seas.
 Glass baubles with indentations, my grandmother had a blue one of these which I used to love looking at every year.
 There were prancing carousel ponies,
 And tartan wares
 And squirrels, which I really loved the most,
 ready to scamper around your Christmas tree.
 There were bunny rabbits
 and herds of reindeer.
 And enough Christmas stockings for every child in London.

 There were huge reindeer.
And big brown bears,
And a great big fat robbin. 
I loved them all.

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