At last, a little knitting.

Life is a tad busy, as you might imagine and there are times when the stress levels start to peak.  I quite like the adrenaline rush, it gets things done, but sometimes you need to switch off, in order to get some sleep. This week has been very busy and during the week I found myself turning to wool as my comforter. I also needed gloves, having failed to pack any and hearing about the snow storms that were going to come charging down from the north. 
I opened my emergency ‘for dire situations only’ knitting supplies and found this beautiful skein of Wollmeise in Magnolia dark.  
 And spent a happy half hour turning it into a yarn cake,
 with the aid of my trusty swift
 and wool winder.
I merrily cast on and felt much calmer and soon it was time for bed and as promised the yarn sprites whisked me away to play in their glen, until the cock crowed.

 But alas I was still gloveless, and realised a chunkier than 4ply yarn made into mittens was the answer, so I cast on these and a couple of days later they were keeping my hands toasty warm as I trotted towards the train station.

I have this resting on the back of the sofa, half a tank top in a chunky thin and thick yarn by Rowan.  I’ve changed the pattern as you do and I should have this finished within the next week.

And knowing just how fickle I am, always having more than one knitting project on the go, (it gives me variety) this has been keeping me busy, its the second incarnation of a sleeve, having knitted the first one and pulled it back as I didn’t like how it was going.  I’ve changed the pattern and this one is going much better, its made from Wollmeise sock yarn in Petit Poison and one day soon, I shall get around to finishing it. 
Now I have to get back to uni work, hand in’s next week. 

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