And a little tailoring.

I’ve a few minutes to spare, so here is a quick peek of my tailoring endevours of the last few weeks.
 My technical file is just printing, lots of piccies and writing, all A3, and here are the samples I’m  going to put in it.
 Gentleman’s tailored waistband
 And the curtains on the inside of the trousers.
 A sports waistband, also known as DAK, I varied my points.
 Single Jets pockets,
 And double jet pockets.
 There are slanted pockets
 And straight pockets
And because you can’t see anything from the front of the trousers, the back of a Fly. I am sure you’ve all wanted to see that, of course this is still under construction and when its finished you won’t be able to see this either, such is the joy of tailoring.
I just need a few more hours to finish presenting it all and then I’ll crash, hopefully with a glass of something fizzy and alcoholic – must remember to put the cooking cider in the fridge!

3 thoughts on “And a little tailoring.

  1. amelia says:

    I hope you're feeling better now Mandy. It's nice to see some knitting again, especially as I don't even know what a sewing machine or sewing needle look like!!! I always love looking at knitting!I wonder why the front of mens trousers is called a fly, do you know?


  2. Jenny says:

    Impressed, that all looks very professional and to me difficult. I also am pleased you still find time for knitting and of course drinking, your work life balance must be about right.


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