Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

After working quite hard for the last few weeks I felt in need of refreshment after an early morning hand in.  My lovely fellow students had all pulled all nighters and were looking quite tired so declined my excited idea of us all going to see the Winter Wonderland and they headed off home to their beds. I however had managed a couple of hours sleep the previous night, but was bubbling over with adrenaline and I knew that if I went home I would just turn into a grumpy bored and tired person and it would get worse and worse during the day. So I headed off for a new adventure on my own.
 Entering Winter Wonderland I became quite excited, the Christmas music that was playing was not going to be dented by an autumn damp start to the day.
 There were pretty bowls
 And Russian dolls, which I would have loved to play with.
 There were beautiful plates
 And jolly elephants.
 There were exotic marzipan’s,
 And glass baubles.
 A wonderful Ferris wheel, when who should I spy
 But Santa Claus flying by.
 There were happy houses full of fun
 And scary rides.
 There were roller coasters
 And carousel bars.
 And a bar that had more than a sniff of Blackpool about it.
 There were ghost towns
 And big sausages and mulled wine.
 There were lots of bars but this one was the warmest.
And a very quiet ice skating ring.  
I’d had a lovely morning, a gentle stroll around, it was nearly two by the time I left and I felt much more settled.  
I can’t wait to come back when its busy and dark. 

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